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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Aircraft Fire Suppression

Aircraft Fire Suppression

Protecting What Matters Most for Aerospace

Passenger safety on commercial airlines is a key concern. Choosing the right aircraft fire suppression system is important.

Should a fire break out in-flight, or on the runway, people want peace of mind knowing they are protected from catastrophe. Downtime can damage your airline’s reputation and erode your market share.

In airports, protecting the control towers and runways around the clock enables airplanes to take off and land safely. All airplanes are high value assets. All are vulnerable to fire.

Military fighter craft and helicopters can cost five to ten million dollars each. Extreme precaution must be exercised while handling these technically advanced machines. With the ongoing trend towards miniaturization, even a small fire can result in big damages.

Traditional fire extinguishing agents such as water and dry chemicals can cause damage to high-value equipment and contribute to downtime. The  family of fire extinguishants from Chemours provides an exceptional alternative to Halon. They are safe for people, electronically nonconductive, noncorrosive and free of residue.

Passenger and crew safety is what matters most--to you and to us.


FM-200™ is the leading chemical agent replacement. Designed to flood an enclosure, FM-200™ should be used where agents such as water, dry chemical and carbon dioxide are unacceptable because they cause damage to electronic equipment or present a safety risk to people. Operations can resume as soon as fire damage is repaired allowing for minimal business interruption.
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FE-25™ can be used in new applications and replace other industry fire extinguishants in existing systems with minimal modifications, making it the most cost-effective fire extinguishant. FE-25™ is an excellent choice for flood suppression where people are present.
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In a portable fire extinguisher, FE-36™ is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets that ceases the combustion process through heat absorption and chemical interaction. FE-36™ is also used in applications such as a small self-contained total flooding unit.
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