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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

About Our Business

About Our Business

Chemours is the largest manufacturer and global provider of clean agent fire extinguishants. We have been a driving force in the development of safe, clean Halon alternatives.  In fact, much of the science that makes clean agent fire extinguishants possible was developed by businesses within Chemours.

Our broad range of clean agent fire suppression products—FM-200™FE-25™FE-36™, and FE-13™ —are safe for people, electrically nonconductive, noncorrosive and free of residue.  Unlike Halon, they do not contain chlorine or bromine; therefore, they have zero ozone depletion potential.

The family of fire extinguishants from Chemours is backed by the best technical services department in the industry. Each product goes through stringent evaluation, approvals and listings. Before they can meet your high standards, they must exceed ours. 

Coupled with fire suppression equipment from leading manufacturers, the family of fire extinguishants from Chemours delivers a total solution for fire protection. Offering superior protection from fire is what matters most.

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