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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Products By Chemours

Our clean agent fire suppression products are safe for people, electrically nonconductive, noncorrosive and free of residue. Unlike Halon, most do not contain chlorine or bromine and therefore have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). They can be used in new applications or replace other agents in existing systems with minimal modifications. What’s more, they require less agent to extinguish a fire, making them more cost effective.
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Chemours Clean Agent Fire Suppression Products : FM-200™

FM-200™, the world's most trusted choice in waterless fire suppression, is the newest member of the Chemours family of clean agent fire suppression systems.



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Chemours Clean Agent Fire Suppression Products : FE-25™

Offers the easiest, most cost-effective option to retrofit an existing system. FE-25™  is an excellent choice for total flood suppression systems where water, dry chemicals or carbon dioxide can cause collateral damage to irreplaceable asset.



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Chemours Clean Agent Fire Suppression Products : FE-36™

Is suitable for portable fire extinguishers and is an excellent option to protect high-value property that can be found in applications such as computer rooms, telecommunications facilities, process control rooms, museums, archives, marinas, hospitals, banks, laboratories, airplanes and motorsports.



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Chemours Clean Agent Fire Suppression Products : FE-13™

Is a clean agent Halon replacement that can be used in areas that are normally occupied by people. FE-13™  is the preferred alternative where its low toxicity provides for improved safety margins, the protected spaces are large, or where the temperatures are likely to go below 0°C (32°F).



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