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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

An effective Halon replacement

FE-13™ has the lowest toxicity and is the safest for protecting areas where people are present.

FE-13™ is the preferred Halon replacement (Halon 1301) in total flooding and inerting applications where its low toxicity provides for improved safety margins, the protected spaces are large, the cylinder storage area is remote from the protected space, or where the temperatures are likely to go below 0°C (32°F). Of the clean agents available, FE-13™ has the lowest toxicity and is the safest for protecting areas where people are present. FE-13™ provides the ultimate in human safety while protecting high-value assets and business continuity with a clean agent.

FE-13™ is:

  • safe for people
  • a clean agent that does not leave a residue
  • electrically nonconductive and noncorrosive
  • an environmentally preferred alternative to Halon with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)

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FE-13™ is a clean agent Halon replacement for Halon 1301 that can be used in areas that are normally occupied. Due to its low toxicity, FE-13™ can be used in applications where the occupancy of the protected space is of critical concern at the time the space is being protected. This makes FE-13™ useful in total flood applications such as a control room where people occupy the protected space during discharge of the system.

FE-13™ can be used in applications with difficult Class-B fire hazards, such as hard-to-extinguish fuels like methanol, as well as spaces where the volume will vary with contents, like cargo holds. The physical properties of FE-13™ allow for its use in applications where large differences between the low and high hazard temperatures are expected. The low boiling point of FE-13™ allows for the storage of the containers to be located in remote areas, far from the protected space, as well as in environments other than room temperature.

Some other examples of applications where FE-13™ is used include: electrical control rooms, oil rig platforms, control rooms, pump rooms, flammable liquid processing areas, railroad locomotives, turbine enclosures, computer rooms, mobile communication facilities, and surface mining equipment.

Institution and Agency Recognition for FE-13™, a Halon replacement

  • Component approval from FM Approvals
  • Component recognition from Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Listed as HFC-23 and an acceptable replacement for Halon 1301 in the: