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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Clean Agent Overview at Fire India Show

Wilmington, Del., September 7, 2009

Presentation Details the Benefits of Clean Agent Protection

Chemours Fire Extinguishants delivered a keynote address on Clean Agent Fire Protection with Hydrofluorocarbons at Fire India in Mumbai, India on September 7, 2009. Kenneth V. Blanchard, global marketing manager, Chemours Fire Extinguishants, delivered the address. The presentation highlighted the value of clean agents, with a focus on business continuity, widespread global acceptance and the sustainability of HFCs in fire suppression.

Blanchard noted the benefits of clean agents, stating, “The Chemours FE family of products offers suppression effectiveness and minimal post-fire clean-up, making clean agents an ideal solution to ensure business continuity and to protect valuable assets.”

The family of FE and FM200™ clean agent fire extinguishants can be used in new applications or in existing systems with minimal modifications.  Unlike water or other dry chemical suppression methods, Chemours clean agent extinguishants are non-conductive and non-corrosive, so they are safe to use around precious valuables.  Additionally, they do not leave behind residue that may damage sensitive electronic systems, so they can help to minimize post-fire clean-up and business downtime.  FE and FM200™ clean agent extinguishants are safe to use where people may be present.  They also have zero ozone-depletion potential and are environmentally preferred to halons.

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