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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Chemours Fire Extinguishants Features New Expanded Portfolio of Waterless, Clean Agent Technologies at NFM&T 2008

Wilmington, Del., March 14, 2008

FM-200™ Now Part of Chemours Offering

Chemours Fire Extinguishants recently showcased an expanded portfolio of clean agent fire extinguishants at the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFM&T) Conference and Expo – the largest event of its kind for facility professionals – in Baltimore, Md.   Chemours has now added the FM-200™ waterless fire suppressant brand to its existing portfolio of FE brand clean agent fire extinguishants.  The use of waterless, clean agent fire extinguishants continues to grow due to the increasing value of commercial buildings and the assets they house, as well as interest in the potential for LEED credits where non-ozone depleting products are used for fire protection.

The scale of new and planned commercial facilities in the United States has grown steadily in recent years.  This trend is expected to continue with construction spending for non-residential structures expected to grow nearly 11 percent this year[1].  As investments in new facilities trend upward, the value of property within these spaces, as well as the number of occupants, also increases.  Therefore, many facility owners and managers are choosing to go beyond minimum standards for fire protection by adopting hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HFC) clean agent fire extinguishants as a best practice to minimize the costly effects of fire that can impact business operations, damage commercial buildings and cause personal injury.

“Facility managers and building owners are faced with the challenge of selecting a fire extinguishant that both reduces overall fire damage, including the impact of heat and smoke, and minimizes damage to the environment,” said Greg Rubin, global business manager, Chemours Fluorochemicals- Specialties.  “Chemours has been a leader in fire protection and a driving force in the development of safe, clean, alternatives to halons in a range of facilities – from retail spaces and museums to office buildings and hospitals.  Over the last 35 years, Chemours pioneered much of the science that makes clean agent fire extinguishants possible and continues to be committed to protecting what matters most – people, assets and the environment.” 

FE and FM-200™ brand fire extinguishants have a unique combination of properties that provide more effective protection for occupants, and high value assets within commercial buildings.  Unlike water or other suppression methods, clean agent extinguishants are non-conductive and non-corrosive, so they are safe to use around valuables and sensitive electronic systems.  Additionally, they do not leave behind residue that may damage equipment, so they can help to minimize costly post-fire clean-up and significant business downtime.  Chemours extinguishants are safe to use where people may be present.  They also have zero ozone-depletion potential and are environmentally preferred to halons. 

Because Chemours fire extinguishants are non-ozone depleting, they can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) credits.  Chemours fire extinguishants can be used in new applications, and replace other agents in existing systems with minimal modifications. 

Chemours Fire Extinguishants now offers expert insights into fire industry trends and issues facing the industry. The most recent “Expert View” titled, “Protecting Your Data Center with Clean agent Fire Extinguishants,” details best practices for protecting high tech facilities such as data centers.  Other Expert Views address additional challenges and opportunities in today's fire extinguishant market.

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[1]Statistics from BuildingTeam Forecast, a Reed Construction Data website that serves as the economics information portal for the construction industry, and U.S. Census Bureau (Department of Commerce).