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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Chemours and Fike Corporation Presented at SUPDET

Orlando, Florida, March 13, 2008

Chemours Company's Mark Robin, PhD, and Fike Corporation's Bon Shaw and Brad Stilwell presented a paper titled, " Summary of Ongoing Class C Fire Research for the Purpose of Identifying and Evaluating Class C Fire Risks and Suppression Needs in Modern Data Centers, Internet Service Providers and Telecommunications Facilities."

ABSTRACT This paper identifies typical Class C hazards found in modern data processing and telecommunication facilities and proposes new test methodologies for comparing the Class A minimum extinguishing concentrations (MECs) of clean agents with Class C hazards requirements.  Industry specific Class C hazards, configurations and environmental conditions are utilized to develop test procedures and to evaluate the performance of clean agents on Class C fires.  Laboratory Class C test results, using the clean agents at their design and minimum extinguishing concentration levels with this methodology are presented and discussed.

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Howard Hammel of Chemours Fluoroproducts presented "The Change from Halon in the Auto Racing Industry," an overview of the development of the standard and subsequent implementation into auto racing, which has resulted in a ban of Halon from much of the sanctioned racing.

ABSTRACT This paper will review the development of the standard and the subsequent implementation into auto racing which has resulted in a ban of Halon from much of the sanctioned racing.

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