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Chemours Fire Extinguishants Supports Decision on Clean Agent Extinguishant Concentrations at National Fire Protection Association Conference

Wilmington, Del., June 15, 2007

In a vote at last week's National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) conference in Boston, Mass., NFPA membership rejected ROC 2001-61a, a proposal to increase the minimum design concentration requirements of clean fire extinguishing agents to extinguish fires involving energized electrical equipment (Class C fires).  Several companies, including Chemours Fire Extinguishants, opposed the recommendations outlined in ROC 2001-61a and the potential economic impact they could have had on the industry.

Chemours filed a Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) with NFPA to reject ROC 2001-61a, based on its findings in recent studies, scientific analysis of past testing data and field experience that verified the existing design concentration has been effective in extinguishing Class C fires over a 15-year period.   Chemours's position was that the proposal, if passed, would have increased costs to the industry by more than 33 percent, while providing no meaningful improvement to safety.

"The results of the latest studies and historical test analysis that Chemours and our partner, Fike Corporation, brought to bear on this debate reflected sound science.  That, in addition to 15 years of field experience, further established the effective record of current design concentration levels," said Greg M. Rubin, global marketing and business manager, Chemours Fluorochemical Specialties.  "We were pleased to help raise awareness about this issue in such a way that the NFPA membership was able to support our motion with confidence.  As a result, the use of clean agent fire extinguishants in this application will remain cost-effective and reliable for the industry and its customers."

Fike, Ansul, and Telecordia also filed NITMAMs in opposition to ROC 2001-61a, and Fike and Ansul participated in the floor debate at NFPA prior to the vote.


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