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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Chemours Fire Extinguishants and Chemours Cabling Solutions Team Up

Wilmington, DE, February 27, 2006

Chemours Fire Extinguishants and Chemours Cabling Solutions are joining forces at the National Facilities Management & Technology (NFM&T) Conference and Expo – the largest event of its kind for facility professionals – in Baltimore, Md., at the Baltimore Convention Center, March 7-9, 2006. During the event, the businesses will showcase the important fire safety benefits that FE clean agent fire extinguishants, certified limited combustible cable, and Abandoned Cable Services (ACS), offer to the facility management industry. Stacy Cashin, network safety specialist, Chemours Cabling Solutions, will also deliver a paper addressing the fire safety hazards of abandoned cabling. Visitors to NFM&T will find Chemours at Booth 440.

In commercial facilities where people and high value assets are present, FE clean agent fire extinguishants, certified limited combustible cable, and Abandoned Cable Services (ACS), are key to reducing the risk of fires. They can prevent or significantly minimize the costly effects of smoke and flames, including business downtime, data loss, damage to high-value equipment, and personal injury. Used to protect a broad range of facilities from network data centers to hospitals, from education and research centers to museums and libraries, and from commercial office buildings to major manufacturing facilities, these Chemours products reflect the company’s longstanding commitment to effective fire prevention.

“Fire protection is a fundamental consideration for facility management professionals. They have to consider the safety of not only the built environment, but the people working within the facility, and the valuable – often irreplaceable – assets inside,” said Pat Lindner, global business manager, Chemours Cabling Solutions. “We offer innovative products and services to better manage, operate and maintain facilities, and we have the expertise to work with our customers on passive and active protection measures that are best practice in the industry. Chemours fire extinguishants, limited combustible cable and abandoned cable services are a unique collection of offerings, all designed with facility managers in mind, to help them protect the things that matter most – people, assets and the environment – in the event of a fire.” 

FE clean agent fire extinguishants are electrically non-conductive, non-corrosive and free of residue. These properties make them ideal for use around high-value equipment. In industries that rely heavily on technology, such as healthcare, financial services and manufacturing, the effects of water fire suppression methods or dry chemical agents on sensitive electronic equipment can be just as devastating as fire, resulting in irretrievable data loss and significant business downtime. FE extinguishants can be used in new applications and replace other agents in existing systems with minimal modifications. They are also more cost effective than competing solutions, since they require less agent to extinguish a fire. Additionally, FE fire extinguishants are safe to use in areas where people may be present. They have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), and are therefore preferred alternatives to Halon.

Abandoned Cable Services (ACS) is a portfolio of services designed to help facility managers and building owners understand the fire risks associated with abandoned cable and become proactive in addressing this problem through site assessments, removal and recycling. In addition, the Chemours recycling program, unique to the industry, reclaims some of the plastics, as well as the metal, for reuse, thereby increasing the overall amount of material diverted from landfills and incineration. As a result, ACS is able to offer assistance with green building plans and potential LEED credits.

In order to offer a new, higher level of fire safety in data communications cables, Chemours has also introduced certified limited combustible cable, which offers the best available cable fire safety performance. Both the cable jacket and insulation are made from fluoropolymer materials specifically engineered to reduce flame spread and smoke. certified limited combustible cables are the only data communications cables that, in the event of a fire, significantly reduce the amount of smoke by up to 20 times compared to conventional cables. Less smoke means an easier, safer evacuation and fewer interruptions to business, since damage to sensitive electronic equipment, such as those found in data centers and LANs, is minimized.

For more information on Chemours Fire Extinguishants, visit Chemours Fire Extinguishants. For more information about Chemours Cabling Solutions, contact Chemours at 1-866-FUELOAD (866-383-5623) or visit

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