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Chemours Fire Extinguishants

Fire Extinguishants Named Preferred Replacement

Wilmington, Del., November 15, 2005

FE-36™ fire extinguishant has been recently named in the 2005 NASCAR™ NEXTEL Cup™ Series rules detailing requirements for drivers’ personal safety equipment, and is becoming the leading hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative to Halon 1211 in driver compartments and Halon 1301 in engine compartments. The Chemours Fire Extinguishants team worked closely with motorsports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to test and qualify FE-36™ as a comparable solution to Halon 1211, which was banned by NASCAR™ due to safety issues. Only FE-36™ met the NASCAR™ NEXTEL Cup™ Series requirements for a safer and effective alternative fire extinguishant.

Part of the Chemours family of clean agent fire extinguishants, FE-36™ has several unique advantages that combine to provide superior fire protection. It is ideally suited for use in portable fire extinguishers for high value asset applications where equipment cannot be exposed to water or dry powder extinguishing options. Its performance and efficiency capabilities are comparable to those of Halon 1211; however, FE-36™ has lower toxicity, no ozone depleting properties, is free of residue and is non-corrosive. FE products are also being used for fire protection of garages, car carriers and pit equipment.

“NASCAR has a long-standing commitment to safety, as does Chemours,” said Ken Blanchard, global marketing manager, Chemours Fire Extinguishants. “FE-36™ is first in safety as the preferred Halon alternative for onboard driver protection. It’s first in performance as the most widely tested alternative for the racing industry. And, it’s first in reliability, with United States Environmental
Protection Agency approval and worldwide availability. In the race to protect what matters most –
people, assets and the environment – this is a winning combination.”

Chemours offers FE-36™ as the primary extinguishing agent used in motorsports. Portable fire extinguishers containing FE-36™ are best for enclosures, such as car garages and pit areas, and can
be used safely around high-risk populations. FE-36™ is also approved as a fixed system for use in engine or driver compartments.

Chemours also offers several other clean agent fire extinguishants, for different types of fires and environments where fires may occur. Chemours FE-227™ is the leading clean agent designed to flood an enclosure that is normally occupied, used where agents such as water, dry chemical, and carbon dioxide are unacceptable because they cause damage to high-value equipment or present a safety risk to people. Chemours FE-25™ is an excellent choice for flood suppression where people are present and can also be used in areas that have limited access. FE-13™ can be used in applications with difficult Class-B fire hazards, such as hard-to-extinguish fuels. For more information on Chemours Fire Extinguishants, visit Chemours Fire Extinguishants.

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