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ECCtreme™ ECA Perfluoroplastic Resin

ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 fluoroplastic resin is an industry-changing class of high-temperature perfluoroplastic (HTP) that combines the beneficial properties of typical perfluoroplastics with the capability to maintain operational performance under extreme temperatures (up to 300 °C1) and extreme conditions. The first of its kind, ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 fluoroplastic resin addresses the demand for HTPs in sustainable energy production, particularly in wire and cable applications2, as well as in injection and compression molded parts, and extruded tubing applications.


ECCtreme™ ECA 3000

The new perfluoroplastic resin drives back the traditional design boundaries for very harsh environments and expands currently available options for wire and cable, molded parts, and extruded tubing that were once thought to be unattainable with perfluoroplastics. In fact, the functionality of ECCtreme™ ECA 3000 is improved when the plastic is heat-treated at temperatures up to 300 °C, resulting in epitaxial co-crystallization (ECC).

Inheriting from DuPont a 75-year history in the fluoroplastic industry, products made with Chemours fluoroplastics are known for their excellent chemical resistance, superior electrical properties, and high-service temperatures. For wire and cable applications, Chemours offers a wide variety of fluoroplastic resins processable by various means, all of which offer high dielectric strength, a low dielectric constant, low loss factors, and extremely high specific resistance. Our fluoroplastic resins surpass most materials in their level and stability of dielectric properties over a broad range of environmental conditions.


1 300 °C rating is based on UL 746B testing. Not a guarantee of performance; see section "Important Notice.”  


2 For wire and cable applications, 300 °C rating is based on UL 1581 and UL 758 testing.