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Chemours Animal Health Solutions provides world leading biosecurity products and solutions developed specifically for disease prevention and control in livestock production facilities.


Efficacy Summary Data

Chemours Animal Health Solutions (DAHS) disinfectants have been tested for their efficacy by independent agencies around the world.

The United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) testing protocols include not only high organic challenge (2.5% yeast) but also the low temperatures (4oC) that are frequently experienced on farms in Europe and they particularly demonstrate the benefit of using Hyperox™ over alternative formulations.

Results show that Hyperox™ is effective in the face of organic challenge and at low temperature providing a broad spectrum activity with efficacy against bacterial, fungal and viral disease causing organisms

United Kingdom DEFRA Approvals

United Kingdom DEFRA Approvals - testing is performed at 4ºC in hard water and against an organic challenge

DEFRA Approvals  Foot & Mouth Disease  Swine Vesicular Disease  Diseases of Poultry General Orders (Newcastle Disease & Avian Influenza)  General Orders 
Hyperox™ dilution rates  1:150  1:50   1:375   1:179  

Germany using DVG test methods

Germany using DVG test methods - testing is performed at 20ºC in hard water and against an organic challenge

DVG test methods  Bacteria Porous Surface Test  Bacteria Suspension Test  Fungus
Suspension Test 
Virus Porous Surface Test  Virus Suspension Test 
Hyperox™ dilution rates  1:67 (1.5%)
60 min 
1:200 (0.5%)
30 min 
1:200 (0.5%)
60 min 
1:100 (1.0%)
30 min 
1:200 (0.5%)
30 min  

France AFNOR Homologation (Approval)

France AFNOR Homologation (Approval) - testing is performed at 20ºC with varying degrees of organic challenge

AFNOR Approval  Bacteria  Virus 
Hyperox™ dilution rates  1:200 (0.5%)  1:200 (0.5%) 

The specified uses and registered claims for Hyperox™ may vary from country to country.  Please contact Chemours Animal Health Solutions directly to verify country specific approved usages.