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Chemours Animal Health Solutions provides world leading biosecurity products and solutions developed specifically for disease prevention and control in livestock production facilities.

Hatchery Biosecurity

Standard Continous Biosecurity Programme

To help prevent the introduction of infection on to a hatchery site or transfer from one building to another, the following continuous biosecurity procedures should be put into place and adhered to at all times.

Disinfectant Footdips

All personnel and visitors must use disinfectant footdips, containing a broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant solution such as Virkon™ S, on entering the site or a hatchery building. Replenish every 4-5 days or when visibly contaminated.

Disinfectant Wheel Wash, Vehicle Spray & Mobile Equipment

Any vehicle entering the hatchery site must pass through a disinfectant wheel wash or vehicle spray using an appropriate Chemours disinfectant solution, such as Virkon™ S. The wheel wash should be topped-up regularly to avoid dilution or contamination. Mobile equipment brought on to the site from other units must be washed and disinfected before being allowed to enter.

Hand Washing

Dirty or unwashed hands transfer infection. All visitors to the site must be required to wash their hands before entering.  All staff must wash their hands before starting work, after breaks and when moving between activities (e.g. traying up, setting, transfer, candling, take-off, sexing, vaccinating and packing).

Personnel & Visitors

Care should be taken to ensure that all staff and visitors appreciate the biosecurity measures that have been put into place to protect the hatchery site, a “shower-in, shower-out” policy should be put into place wherever possible and suitable protective equipment and clothing should be issued to both personnel and visitors where appropriate.

Rodent Control

Rodents can be responsible for the spread of a number of serious diseases, including salmonella infections.  Ensure that an effective control programme is put in place.

The specified uses and registered claims for Virkon™ S may vary from country to country.  Please contact Chemours Animal Health Solutions directly to verify country specific approved usages.