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Uses & Applications

Dimethyl sulfate (DMS) is a strong methylating agent with superior reaction rates and higher yields than competitive products. DMS is a versatile chemical that can be used for a variety of processes, including the production of many household and commercial chemicals:

• surfactants
• fabric softeners
• water treatment chemicals
• pesticides
• drugs
• dyes
• photographic chemicals

Commercial Applications

• Quaternary fatty ammonium compounds
• Flocculants for water treatment
• Methyl ethers like anisole and anisole derivatives
• A variety of products and intermediates through alkylation




DMS can be used to introduce a methyl group at the following reaction centers having unshared electron pairs:
• Oxygen
• Nitrogen
• Carbon
• Sulfur
• Phosphorus
• Some metals
• Heteroatoms from Periodic Table groups 15 and 16





Other Uses

• Sulfonation Agent
• Catalyst
• Solvent
• Stabilizer