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Safety & Emergency Information

Site Facilities

At loading stations and storage and handling areas, the following safety equipment should be easily accessible:

  • Safety Showers -- Freeze-proof water should be supplied to the shower by a 2-inch line (minimum pressure 30 psig) through a quick-opening valve that stays open. Both the valve (actuated by a handle at hip level) and a 0.25-inch deep hole directly above the valve should be located below the frost line and surrounded by crushed rock or gravel to provide drainage. If the valve is located above the frost line, it should be electrically traced and insulated. Shower locations should be appropriately identified by lights and/or signs, and access to the showers must not be obstructed in any manner. Safety showers should be tested on a periodic recorded basis.

  • Water Hydrant and Hose -- Provide a water monitor or some means of spraying water fog onto a DMS spill.

  • Eye Wash Stations -- Each station should provide a means of gently irrigating the eye with a constant, controllable stream of cool water. It should be close to a safety shower or part of the shower system. The station should be self-draining to ensure operability in subfreezing weather.

  • Fire Extinguishers -- Provide a carbon dioxide or dry chemical fire extinguisher for small fires. For large fires, use alcohol-resistant foam plus water spray or fog.

  • Neutralizing Solution -- Dilute caustic or ammonia aqueous solution to neutralize spills or decontaminate equipment.