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Safety & Emergency Information

Safety Precautions

Do not get DMS in eyes, on skin, or on clothing. Do not breathe vapor; use only with adequate ventilation (see "Personal Protective Equipment"). Wash skin thoroughly after handling DMS and before eating or smoking.

Because of the health hazards of DMS as described above, two levels of analytical techniques should be used for air contamination. First, test kits, such as the Dräeger Multi-Gas Detector, can measure DMS in the air to approximately 0.005 ppm by volume. These kits are suitable for determining levels at which DMS poisoning may occur. The testing kits should be used routinely to spot leaks or spills that otherwise might go undetected. When positive results are obtained, immediate action should be taken to protect exposed employees (see "First Aid").

Information about a more sophisticated personal air monitoring technique is available from Chemours. This more sophisticated method is designed to monitor levels considered safe from possible chronic effects of long-term exposure to DMS.