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Safety & Emergency Information

Product Stewardship

We can help in all aspects of a customer’s needs to handle DMS safely. We feel it is important to work closely with our customers in the early stages of design discussions. Specific customer assistance includes:

  • Providing product literature, such as Properties, Uses, Storage and Handling bulletins to assist with initial project scope

  • Reviewing piping and instrumentation drawings

  • Participating in design and process hazards reviews

  • Inspecting unloading and storage facilities prior to the first delivery

  • Monitoring the first delivery to ensure proper procedures are followed

  • Assisting with employee training programs

  • Providing routine inspections with follow-up written recommendations to improve safe handling

  • Technical consultation at any time on any subject regarding DMS such as:
    • materials of construction
    • industrial hygiene programs
    • safety, health and environmental regulations
    • process vent scrubbers, flares, other equipment
    • the latest recommendations on pumps, gaskets, hoses, etc.
    • waste treatment facilities
    • emergency procedures
    • personal protective equipment

When you call Chemours to place your order for DMS, you'll find you're getting more than just the best methylating/sulfonating agent available. You're getting a team of knowledgeable chemists and engineers to assist your whole business need.

First Order Assessment

All of our customers get a personal phone contact that begins when DMS is first ordered. A site visit is arranged for all new customers. The site visit is designed to help new clients understand the preparation and safe handling procedures necessary for DMS. No bulk sale of the product will occur until minimum, identified safety standards have been verified.