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Coating & Release Systems from Chemours

Vydax® Anti-Stick Films

Vydax® dispersions are specially formulated products that offer the convenience of ready-to-use dry film lubrication.  These uniquely formulated products provide long-lasting thin film lubrication and have a tenacious coating that works effectively at extending wear life where smooth repeated movement is essential.

Vydax® dispersions offer a wide variety of capability and value across many industries. Benefits include:

      • smooth lubrication in electronic applications
      • multiple releases in producing foundry sand cores
      • moderate corrosion protection for a variety of metal
      • anti-stick properties for paper and textile rolls

Introducing Vydax® NRT 960
Vydax® NRT 960 aerosol lubricant is a non-flammable, oxygen-safe, specially formulated dispersion of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Available in an aerosol package, Vydax® NRT 960 enables a faster, more convenient application.

Vydax® NRT 960 extends the list of exceptional properties of the Krytox® NRT series which include high-temperature performance and non-flammability.

Capable of performing in temperatures up to 500°F (260°C), Vydax® NRT 960 offers a non-migrating, translucent dry film that is clean, non-oily, and non-staining.  In addition, Vydax® NRT 960 is silicone-free, does not attract dirt and dust, and is extremely resistant to water washout