Chlorine Dioxide Solutions by Chemours

Sodium Chlorite Solutions

The ADOX Water Technologies line of sodium chlorite solutions are engineered to meet the industry's ever-changing needs.

  • ADOX™ sodium chlorite is a proven solution for oxidative and odor control applications.
  • ADOX™ BCD is also a leading biocidal solution, which carries U.S. EPA registered labels in all 50 states and is approved for FDA uses.

Both products also bolster KOSHER certifications and NSF 60 approvals for drinking water. Combine that with our strategic regional North American production and multiple terminal locations and we have the sodium chlorite solution to help drive your business forward. 

This model enables us to process and deliver orders quickly in a variety of bulk packaging options, including:

  • 55-Gallon Drum
  • 275-Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
  • 330-Gallon IBCs

In addition to using ADOX™ sodium chlorite solutions as the precursor to chlorine dioxide (ClO2), many customers use it with an ADOX™ and chlorine dioxide generation system.

  ADOX™ Sodium Chlorite Product Chart

 Sodium Chlorite Product Chart