Chlorine Dioxide Solutions by Chemours

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ADOX Water Technologies is committed to world-class standards on safety, reliability, and process management.

ADOX Water Technologies is an innovative solution supplier in chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technologies and applications, and we are the leading supplier of sodium chlorite, a precursor to chlorine dioxide.

Our priority is to ensure that our customers meet their specific application requirements. To do this, ADOX Water Technologies has numerous chlorine dioxide generator equipment designs and chemical precursors for a wide variety of applications. From deodorization to disinfection, chlorine dioxide’s unique properties are ideal for solving microbial or compliance-related goals.

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An established logistics and supply chain enables sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide solutions to be supplied in an efficient and timely manner.

ADOX Water Technologies has a team of sales professionals, field technicians, and engineering specialists who work with customers to determine which product and system is best suited for the specific chlorine dioxide need.