Chlorine Dioxide Solutions by Chemours

Biocide for Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is used for so many biocidal and oxidative applications, from water deodorization and disinfection to large petrochemical applications.

Chlorine dioxide's unique properties are ideal for solving microbial or compliance-related goals. With a more powerful oxidizing capacity than chlorine, chlorine dioxide is effective over a wide pH range and provides rapid kill for a broad spectrum of organisms.

ADOX Water Technologies can provide innovative chlorine dioxide solutions to help you with specific treatment needs as a biocide and in areas such as those listed below.

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ClO2 for the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas Industry

Chlorine Dioxide is well suited for oil and gas water applications and for upstream gas production during oil and gas operations. » Chlorine Dioxide for the Oil & Gas Industry
Chlorine Dioxide for Industrial Water Treatment
Industrial Water Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide—it is not just for water treatment. » Chlorine Dioxide for Industrial Water Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide for Potable Water Treatment
Potable Water Treatment
Make Chlorine Dioxide your primary disinfectant. » Chlorine Dioxide for Potable Water Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide for Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide eliminates troublesome odors and effectively disinfects water. » Chlorine Dioxide for Wastewater Treatment
Chlorine Dioxide for Odor Control / Rendering
Odor Control/Rendering
Learn how to oxidize odors emitted from scrubbers. » Chlorine Dioxide for Odor Control/Rendering
Chlorine Dioxide for Food, Produce, and Animal Health
Food Sanitation
Chlorine Dioxide helps you achieve the highest standards of sanitation and food safety. » Food Sanitation