Protection for stone, tile and concrete with Capstone™ repellents

Capstone™ repellents provide outstanding stain protection to porous mineral-based surfaces such as natural stone, unglazed tile and grout.

Capstone™ ST-100HS, ST-110, ST-300 and ST-500 can be diluted in water, and Capstone™ ST-200 can be diluted in solvents, to create oil- and water-repellent penetrating sealers for natural stone (e.g., granite, marble or limestone), porous tile, grout and masonry. These penetrating sealers resist staining without changing the natural appearance of the substrate.

Benefits include:

  • Durable protection from staining
  • Superior oil and water repellency
  • Retains the natural appearance of stone, tile, concrete or masonry
  • Allows substrate to breathe (non-film forming)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Preserves the beauty of natural stone and tile


Capstone™ repellents are available in a complete line of soil, stain, and oil-repellent protection for stone, tile and concrete.
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