Capstone™ repellents and surfactants applications.

Innovative customers like you have taken the versatile qualities of Capstone™ repellents and surfactants and applied them to a wide variety of industries and applications around the globe. They include:

Fire Fighting Foam & Fire Suppression Systems Additives

Deliver effective fire suppression while meeting regulatory guidelines.
» AFFF Fire Fighting Foam
Fluorosurfactants & Coating Additives
Optimum performance for wetting, leveling and anti-blocking in paints, coatings and films, waxes and polishes, and adhesives.
» Fluorosurfactants & Coating Additives
Provide a durable, invisible barrier to water, oil, dirt and stains — for industrial and consumer-applied coating applications.
» Leather
Paper Packaging
Provides protection to food-contact paper, paperboard and molded products against a wide range of oils and greases.
» Paper Packaging
Stone, Tile & Concrete
Countertops, tile floors, patios and pool surrounds get durable protection against stains without changing their appearance.
» Stone, Tile & Concrete
Protect textiles from dirt while helping to repel and resist liquid stains.
» Textiles