Capstone™ fluorosurfactants and coating additives enhance your product’s performance.

Capstone™ fluorosurfactants enhance the properties of formulations — improving qualities such as wetting/spreading, leveling, penetrating, foaming control, chemical stability, thermal stability, or substantially reducing surface tension.

Chemours inherits DuPont's innovative solutions to the marketplace, and as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ll continue to provide Capstone™ repellents and surfactants that deliver more sustainable solutions with maximum performance. Explore our line of fluorosurfactants and coating additives below.


There's a full line of Capstone™ fluorosurfactants and coating additives that provide a range of benefits not available in traditional surfactants.
» Fluorosurfactants
Paints and Coatings
Capstone™ multifunctional fluorosurfactants and coating additives incorporated in the beginning stages of formulation can reduce the amount and number of other additives, and create higher-performing products.
» Surfactants for Paints and Coatings
Cleaners and Waxes
Capstone™ fluorosurfactants can deliver superior wetting and leveling for industrial applications, including acrylic/wax floor polish, cleaning products and more, as compared to hydrocarbon- and silicone-based surfactants. 
» Surfactants for Cleaners and Waxes
Oil Field Services
Please contact your local Capstone™ Representative for product information and recommendations for the Oil Field Services industry.
Adhesives, Sealants & Caulks
Adding Capstone™ fluorosurfactants, at levels significantly below typical surfactant concentrations, improves the wetting and penetration of the adhesive into the pore structure, thereby strengthening the bond. Our portfolio is suited for (VOC-free) waterborne and solvent-borne needs.
» Surfactants for Adhesives, Sealants & Caulks
The addition of ppm levels of Capstone™ fluorosurfactants to formulations yields better anti-block, improved anti-stat properties, reduction in cratering, better film leveling and improved film release, improved (re-)wetting and leveling of coatings for inks, reduction in transfer and overall improved “printability.”
» Surfactants for Films
Ink and Graphic Arts
Capstone™ fluorosurfactants give excellent wetting and leveling properties to printing inks and coatings, and they won’t interfere with dispersed-phase dyes and pigments.
» Surfactants for Ink and Graphic Arts