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Teflon™ PTFE

Teflon™ PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fine powders provide a practical method for producing long lengths of product through non-melt-extrusion techniques.  Teflon™ PTFE resins have become the preferred plastic for a host of applications and processing techniques.

Teflon™ PTFE fluoroplastic resins offer:

  • Strong chemical resistance
  • Superior electrical properties
  • Resistance to High temperatures
  • Mechanical Toughness
  • Low Friction properties
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Stress-Cracking Resistance

Available in white powder, often called "fine powder," Teflon™ PTFE Fluoroplastic resins are uniquely capable of being sheared by lubricated paste extrusion into a coherent fibrous matrix with a resultant structural integrity.

The many uses of Teflon™ PTFE fine powders include:

  • Coaxial cable
  • Control cable and Push/Pull cable liners
  • Convoluted, heat-shrinkable, unsupported, and spaghetti tubing
  • Industrial and Premium hose
  • Low reduction ratio wire and cable coating
  • Pigmented and thin grade electrical tape and sleeving
  • Pipe liners
  • Pump diaphragms
  • Stress-crack resistant wire coating
  • Unsintered tape

How Teflon™ PTFE Products Fit Your Application Needs

offers a variety of Teflon™ fluoroplastic resins to meet a wide range of performance demands in the wire and cable industry.  We have the experience and expertise to help you select the best resins for your specific application.

Family of Teflon™ PTFE Resins
For Wire and Cable Applications

Teflon™ PTFE 6C
Teflon™ PTFE 6C is a general-purpose resin for products with small cross-sections, medium to high reduction ratios, and fast processing rates.  Teflon™ PTFE 6C is used in the production of long lengths of tubing and wire insulation where melt-extrusion is impractical.  Teflon™ PTFE 6C is an excellent choice for chemical linings, push/pull cable liners, electrical grade tape, and reinforced hose.
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Teflon™ PTFE 62
Teflon™ PTFE 62 is a premium resin that offers the highest thermal stability, stress-crack resistance, flexibility life, and clarity of all the Teflon™ PTFE grades.  Teflon™ PTFE 62 is suitable for products with medium cross-sections and low to medium reduction ratio extrusions.  Teflon™ PTFE 62 is the appropriate choice for reinforced hose where the ultimate in reliability and performance is required.
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Teflon™ PTFE 640XT
Teflon™ PTFE 640XT is a white powder that possesses higher melt strength and lower shrinkage when compared to other grades of Teflon™ PTFE fine powders.  Teflon™ PTFE 640XT is an excellent choice for high-quality tubing, high-performance wire and cable products, film and tape fabricated products.
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Teflon™ PTFE 6000
Teflon™ PTFE 6000 is a free-flowing white powder designed for use in insulation and jacketing for high-performance wire and cable.  Production of consistently high-quality constructions is possible due to its broad extrusion and acceptance range.  Similar to Teflon™ PTFE 6C in applications,  the superior thermal stability of Teflon™ PTFE 6000 allows extrusions at approximately 15% faster than Teflon™ PTFE 6C.
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